We are the Bat Removal Specialists in North Palm Beach FL and we want to help you solve your bats in the attic problems. We are professionals in North Palm Beach that specialize in wildlife removal. To get rid of bats you need to know the background and right techniques to solve your current bat situation in North Palm Beach FL properly. It definitely won't be easy, especially if you are new to this. Follow my guide to learn the best ways to handle bat removals in your attic in North Palm Beach FL.

Do you need local assistance? We will help you in finding our local bat removal specialist team in your location. We will also teach you the best hiring practices when choosing a bat removal specialist so you know what to look for. Before you hire anyone, it is important to know the bat removal process so you can ask the best questions.

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Inspection in North Palm Beach FL: How bats are getting into your home in North Palm Beach FL? These mammals take flight at night and spread their guano (poop) throughout their living space (your home in North Palm Beach Florida). If you can figure out what species you have, you can understand their behavior, size, and birthing season to make a solid plan.

To learn more about perorming a bat inspection in North Palm Beach, click here. If it is not the bat's maternity season, you can go ahead with your bat removal. However, DO NOT try to remove bats while in maternity season in North Palm Beach FL. This will only lead to disaster. Learn more about the bat maternity season so that you will know when it is safe for removal in North Palm Beach Florida.

Pre-Sealing Your Home in North Palm Beach: Bats in North Palm Beach FL can find various entry points into your home in North Palm Beach Florida. These holes are usually tiny, about half an inch wide, so they are easy to miss. To get rid of bats, you need to funnel them out of their entrances. To prevent them from coming back, you have to seal up every single hole. DO NOT do this during maternity season. Read more about ways to seal your house from bats in North Palm Beach FL.


Exclusion in North Palm Beach Florida: Put exclusion devices around the funnels you placed. The funnels should let bats out in North Palm Beach but not let them back in. Check out the bat exclusion process here.


Seal Up in North Palm Beach FL: Once you are sure all of the bats have left, remove the exclusion units in North Palm Beach Florida and seal the access points shut. Bats will know to come back to your home and try to renter your attic. If you do your job right, they won't be able to get back inside. You can pick from a variety of materials including plastic or metal mesh, caulk or polyuerthane, depending on the situation. It is a meticulous process to not miss any access points, but it is vital to get this done right.

Cleanup in North Palm Beach: Bats will leave guano all over your attic floor and walls. In small quantities, this is no big deal. However, in large quantities guano can corrode drywall and wood, as well as grow mold. It can also lead to health problems such as histoplasmosis. Guano in North Palm Beach FL also leaves behind a strong stench, so this area needs to be cleaned. This can include vacuuming the poop, replacing the insulation or fogging out the attic. Read more about the bat cleanup process.

Don't use repellents in North Palm Beach--they don't work. And don't poison or kill them either-- it is inhumane and a waste of time. And never try removals during maternity season in North Palm Beach FL; they are a protected species! Because the removal process is difficult and time-consuming, I strongly suggest hiring our professional wildlife removal team in North Palm Beach Florida with a lot of practical experience.


North Palm Beach Bat Removal FAQ's | 1-561-299-4918

Q: Do repellents work to get rid of bats? 
A: No, repellents don't work. Read more about why bat repellent does not work here.

Q: Can I use poison to kill bats in North Palm Beach Florida?
A: NO. It is illegal and inhumane. You can read more about why bat poison is a bad idea here.

Q: Can I trap the bats in some sort of bat trap in North Palm Beach FL?
A: No. You can't move bats, because they migrate hundreds of miles back to their own nest. And it's unlawful for you to kill them. The bat traps that are available are troublesome and don't work very well, so they lead to unsuccessful jobs. Find out more about bat trapping here.

Q: Can I prevent bats from getting into my house in North Palm Beach Florida?
A: Of course! Close up all holes, cracks and entry points into your own home. Pay particular attention to the attic: structures planks, gable grills, dormer attracts, soffit eave holes, and so on. Bats cannot chew, so polyurethane or caulk sealant work great in North Palm Beach FL! Learn about bat prevention here.

Q: Should I perform the exclusion during the night in North Palm Beach Florida?
A: No; not all bats exit at the same time in North Palm Beach. Bats usually go out in shifts all night long, so closing access points during this time will not close off access to every single bat.

Q: Why do bats like my attic in North Palm Beach FL?
A: Attics in North Palm Beach Florida are warm, dry and safe places from predators. Because attics are so high up, they make entry to and exit from your attic easy when flying.

Q: What types of bats live in attics in North Palm Beach?
A: There are 45 different species of bats in the US, and only a few choose to live in attics. In North Palm Beach FL, they are the Big Brown Bats, Little Brown Bats, and Mexican Free Tail Bats.

Q: What sorts of problems do bats cause in home in North Palm Beach?
A: The main problem that bats cause in North Palm Beach FL is that they leave poop and pee all over your attic. Over a few years, your attic in North Palm Beach will be full of bat guano! It smells bado it corrodes wood and drywall, and it will develop mold. Read more about bat guano, aka bat feces in North Palm Beach FL.

Q: What if I find bats in my chimney in North Palm Beach?
A: If you have bats living inside of your chimney, DO NOT start a fire in North Palm Beach FL; burning up bats will only flood your home with burned bats. Find out more about bats inside the chimney in North Palm Beach here.

Q: What can I do if I find bats in my bedroom or living room in North Palm Beach?
A: The bat in North Palm Beach FL has probably wandered into your room by accident. There are more bats inside of your attic. To remove the bat, try picking it up with thick gloves, cradling it in a towel and take it outside and let it fly away. Find out more about how you can catch bats indoors in North Palm Beach in this post.

Q: How should I clean up guano in the attic in North Palm Beach?
A:  To avoid airborne diseases, wear a biohazard suit. Guano should be vacuumed up using a commercial vacuum with a filtration system. Then use an enzyme-based solution to steam off the bacteria lurking in your attic. Learn more about often the bat cleanup in North Palm Beachcourse of action here.

Q: When is the maternity season in North Palm Beach and why are bats protected during this time?
A: It is most likely that the bats in your attic are females--we refer to them as the maternal colony and they use your attic in North Palm Beach as a safe place to give birth and raise their young. Usually the male bats live outside of the home. Females give birth to just one bat per year and also raise them for a few months, from April to August. Read more about bat maternity season in North Palm Beach FL here.

Q: Can I lure bats into a bat house?
A: Bats are hard to lure and don't always want to move to a bat house. They must locate and adopt your bat house on their own. If you still want to learn how to build one, by reading more about bat houses here.

Q: Will I get rabies?
A: Bats do carry rabies Though all warm-blooded mammals can have rabies in North Palm Beach, humans are more vulnerable to them. The number of rabies attacks in the US is low, however always be cautious around wild animals including bats. Find out more about bats and rabies here.

Get Rid of Bats in North Palm Beach FL | 1-561-299-4918

Bat removal isn't easy, especially when they are in your attic in North Palm Beach. I absolutely recommend hiring a bat removal specialist to solve your bat problems. Visit my List of Local Professionals if you want to work with out local specialist team in your area.

How do you know if there are bats in the attic in North Palm Beach?
If you do find bats in your attic, look for guano building up on the floor. It is an immediate sign that there are bats in your home in North Palm Beach FL. You can also listen for odd sounds like scraping, rustling or squeaking. Around dusk you may see them flying out of your house.

How do bats get into my house in North Palm Beach?
They enter through tiny spaces, even as small as half an inch wide. These holes might be below your roof shingles or near your attic soffits. Bats enjoy spaces high up like attics, so you will need a ladder to get up and check for holes on the roof of your home.

How do you eliminate bats in your home in North Palm Beach FL?
The main steps to removing bats from your home and Animal Control in North Palm Beach is to first make sure they are there! Once you know for sure that they are there, you will need to find how they are getting into your home. Check the interior and exterior of your home for holes of all sizes. You must then exclude bats from your home by using tools like mesh to close off the access points. Seal off the entry points so bats can't reenter. Once you have the bats permanently out of your home in North Palm Beach, seal all of the points and begin your clean up work.

Other locations you might find bats in North Palm Beach FL
Bats in North Palm Beach may be living inside of your attic, fireplace or roof. Don't try and chase them out with a broom. Instead, you need to let it escape on its own to avoid scaring it. Use thick, leather gloves to catch the bat, wrap it snugly in a towel and set it free outside.

What type of damage can bats cause in North Palm Beach?
Bats, unlike rodents, do not chew wires or gnaw through wood. They do however spread their Bat Poop across your attic in North Palm Beach FL, releasing bacteria into the air. This also contaminates the attic and can decay wood and destroy ceilings.

Do bats have diseases in North Palm Beach? Yes, and you should be concerned with rabies and histoplasmosis. Histoplasmosis in North Palm Beach is contracted by breathing in the virus (from Bat Droppings) and can cause serious lung diseases. The symptoms are similar to the common flu. You should also be aware of rabies in North Palm Beach FL. If you are bitten by a bat---seek medical treatment immediately. The bat also should be captured to test whether it has rabies or not.

Cleaning Up Guano in North Palm Beach
We suggest you call one of our specialists in North Palm Beach but here is short guide on cleaning up bat poop from your attic. Wear protective clothing and a face mask. As stated earlier, you need to avoid histoplasmosis spores lingering in the air and then vacuum the poop up and toss it away. Finally, you need to disenfect the attic from bacteria.

Where do bats live in North Palm Beach FL?
Bats are nocturnal and love to live in dark, cozy areas. Whenever you find bats inside of your home, they will be female bats looking for a place to raise their children in North Palm Beach. They like places close to water sources so that they can feed on bugs. They have excellent hearing and use echolocation while traveling at night. Bats are important to our ecosystem because they eat a lot of the bugs that we find to be a nusciance. In fact, some bats eat half of their body weight in bugs, and mothers will eat even more than that, which is the main reason that they are protected.

If bats are so important to the environment in North Palm Beach, why don't you leave them there?
If you find bats in your home, you will want to get them out.  If your home is popular, you may find hundreds of Bats in the Attic. A lot of bats will produce a lot of poop and will spread germs and health issues in your home. 



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